Article 2: Right to life Relevant to deaths in custody, duty to investigate, inquests Article 3: Right not to be subject to torture or inhuman or degrading treatment Relevant to assault and battery, duty to investigate, intimate searches in police custody, strip searches, conditions of detention and treatment in prisons. Article 4: Freedom from slavery, servitude and forced labour. Article 5: Right to liberty Relevant to false imprisonment, powers of arrest and detention, sentencing, life prisoners, prisons Article 6: Fair trial rights Relevant to judicial review, policy considerations in negligence claims against public authorities, combat immunity, police investigations, publ


Irrespective of size, employer should have documented disciplinary procedure that is publicised to its employees and contains right of appeal. Decide whether procedure applies to poor performance as well as misconduct. If it applies only to misconduct, you need a separate capability procedure for performance issues. Overriding objective is fairness. Obtain input from employees when developing the procedure. You should notify employee of allegations of misconduct. You should investigate the allegations without undue delay so as to establish facts. Keep notes of interviews. You may need to conduct investigatory interview with employee. If so, you may decide to allow him to be accompanied by fr

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